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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

you are you and you are free!

 Today I’ve decided that I am me, and I am blissfully free. Today I’ve gathered all of my inner battles and trampled them down with crazy virility. Today I have found the inner workings of myself to be all that I have wanted them to be. Today I am free, today I am free.

Yesterday I was free but yesterday I didn’t see. Yesterday my battles were trampling down my virility. Yesterday I felt the inner workings of myself were battling me. Yesterday all I wanted was to be free.

Tomorrow I will see that the inner workings of me are all that I’ve created them to be, and tomorrow will be the day I still know that I know that I am myself and myself is free. I will give of myself completely to the world and the world will give of itself completely to me. I will share my innards with the universe of other crazy humans and that universe of crazy humans will share it’s innards with me.

 I will drink from the limitless cup of existence and continue to insist on the persistence of knowing the beauty of all that is you. You are as free as you want to be free, and you will see as far as you’re wanting to see. You will be filled with the ridiculous giggles of existence, and you will become the greatness you seek. With gentleness and honor you will speak. You will speak of the things that well up in your soul and cause fits of laughter in your spirit and tears of happiness in your eyes. You will be all that you wanted to be. You are all that you are. You are everything you’ve desired to become. You are you, like you already knew.  

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